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volunteers needed volunteering with children

How an ordinary student built 2 schools in Honduras while studying full time in college

“Two years ago, I wanted to join a club at JMU, make a new group of friends and maybe help a good cause in the process. I found Students Helping Honduras at an involvement fair and signed up. Never did I think this organization would change my life.

Digna is a community leader and mother in the village of Delicias del Sur. During my first visit to Honduras, I was invited into her home to make baleadas. After a successful cooking session, we sat down to eat and she began to tell her story. Digna was born in Honduras but grew up moving throughout Central America to find a better place to live. She attended school for a year and was unable to continue. Digna walked barefoot to her mother’s stand on the corner of the street every day, burning the bottoms of her feet, to help her mother sell goods to provide an income for her family.

She now lives in Delicias del Sur with her grandchildren, supporting the education program. She could not thank me enough for coming to her village and giving up my break from school to help children in her town have a better life.  Coming back to the village in the summer and seeing her again was like seeing long lost family.

She asked when I was coming back to Delicias and I told her I was trying to come in the winter if I raised enough money. I explained that I had an apartment and some other expenses I had to pay for; she looked at me and said “Don’t worry you’ll be back. I’ll give you all the money I have so you can come back.” Her humility and kindness left me speechless.

It is impossible to describe how I felt in that moment, or the moment the following year when I welcomed Digna’s family to their new school in Delicias Del Sur. I will do the same thing in another village this coming winter in Señora Gudelupe. SHH at JMU just raised over $13,000 to make this school a reality and I cannot wait to see it completed in person.

The people of Honduras have touched my heart in a way I cannot describe, they have opened my eyes to see the world in a different way and I would not be the same person without those relationships. I challenged myself to go out of my comfort zone and I fell in love with an organization that I will hold close to my heart forever.”  – Tiffany Comerford, James Madison University







7,000+ have volunteered with us

What some of them have to say

  • “With everything organized for me, I could focus on why I was there in the first place to meet some awesome, inspiring kids and help give them the opportunity to excel in school and beyond!"
    Vanessa CedarbaumVanessa CedarbaumUniversity of Rochester
  • We learned how to mix cement by hand and lay cinder blocks for the school. Working alongside the masons and kids helped me learn more Spanish and gave me a truly life-changing experience.
    Sarah Sarah Towson University
  • “I never thought that I could have a tangible impact on the lives of others. Seeing those finished buildings lets me know that volunteers have been able to impact Honduras is ways we'll never fully understand.”
    Haley ClineHaley ClineJames Madison University
  • “At the end of the week we had the walls up of three beautiful classrooms. It was by far the greatest thing I had ever been a part of, and within 48 hours of arriving home, I booked my flight for a spring break service trip to build yet another school.”
    Colette EustaceColette EustaceStony Brook University
  • I had such an amazing time and cannot wait to come back.
    SavannahSavannah UC Davis
  • "The most amazing week of my life thus far. Looking forward to this winter's trip where we can build another school to work with yet another community in Honduras."
    ShioriShioriVirginia Tech
  • I didn't have the heart to tell my mom how much I loved the Honduran food. Her meatloaf just wasn't the same after eating sweet mangoes, authentic baleadas, and fresh picked avocados in Honduras.
    Sam Sam University of Maryland
  • This is an opportunity that everyone should take in their lives. I'll be back next January and years after that!
    Randi Randi Mary Washington University
  • The days mixing cement and carrying buckets, nights full of soccer and salsa, the people that you love and laugh with, all create a truly unforgettable experience.
    EmanuelEmanuelLa Salle University

Why choose us?

8 reasons to replace your resort trip to cancun with a service trip to Honduras


You’ll Build a school for a village in need

You’ll Build a school for a village in need

In Honduras, children from nearly 1,000 villages don’t have access to a school with the adequate facilities. You can be a part of the solution by building a school for them.

Affordable & all-inclusive

Affordable & all-inclusive

Why pay thousands of dollars to travel when you can go to Honduras with us for so much less? We also give out scholarships and discounts. Your fee is all inclusive (-airfare)

Perfect safety record

Perfect safety record

Every single one of our volunteers has gone home safely. We take the necessary measures to minimize all risks associated with traveling abroad. Your safety is our #1 priority.

We’ll help you raise the funds

We’ll help you raise the funds

Every volunteer gets an online fundraising page so family and friends can help fund your trip. Our campus chapters also help volunteers fundraise through group events like car washes and benefit parties.

Spend time with Honduran students

Spend time with Honduran students

You’ll meet the students who will attend the school you work on, as well as the families who live in Villa Soleada, where your guest house is.

24/7 bilingual staff presence

24/7 bilingual staff presence

Our Honduran and international staff members will be with you from the moment you land at the airport. We’re here to answer any questions and make you feel at home.

Experience: 3,000+ volunteers since 2007

Experience: 3,000+ volunteers since 2007

We are the largest student-led organization in northern Honduras and have more experience running these trips than anyone else in the region.

Improve your Spanish

Improve your Spanish

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice your Spanish with the Honduran locals. Get to know the workers, share meals, and spend time with the children to work on your Spanish skills.

How much does it cost?


First Week

USD for the 8-day trip
*This is the early bird price if you register 60 days prior to your trip. $750 if you register less than 60 days prior to your trip. Volunteers must pay a $150 deposit to register.  You will create a personal fundraising page where you can pay off the trip in installments or friends and family can donate to help cover the cost. The fundraising platform charges extra fees at checkout.

Each Extra Week

USD for the 8-day trip
You can take a 2-week trip for $1,125 or a 3-week trip for $1,500.

Everything except airfare is included:

  • All lodging
  • All meals
  • All in-country transportation
  • Airport pickup
  • Airport drop-off
  • Pre-trip staff support
  • Orientation
  • Snacks
  • 24/7 Purified drinking water
  • 24/7 bilingual staff support
  • All construction supplies
  • All construction tools
  • Construction training
  • On-site translators
  • Private security
  • WiFi
  • Cooking class
  • Cultural activities
  • Trip to beach on the last day
  • An experienced Trip leader

What's not included:

Round trip tickets to Honduras cost between $350 to $700. The airport you will be flying into is the Ramon Villeda International Airport in San Pedro Sula (SAP).

Health Insurance
We require our volunteers to purchase travel insurance from International Volunteer Card if they do not already have travel insurance. The cost of short-term medical insurance is usually $20 to $40. You will use your registration confirmation to verify you are a volunteer with SHH.


How can I get financial assistance?

  • Early Bird Discount:
    Sign up at least 2 months in advance and get $100 off your trip.
  • Consecutive Week Discount:
    Volunteer for two weeks and pay $1,025 (early bird) or $1,125 (regular). Volunteer for three weeks and pay $1,400 (early bird) or $1,500 (regular).
  • Recruitment Discount:
    Recruit 5 new volunteers to come on a trip and pay only $375 for your trip. Apply here.
  • SUPER Recruitment Discount:
    Recruit 10 new volunteers to come on a trip and get a free trip (not Including airfare). Apply here. 

  • Fundraiser Discount:
    Raise $1,000 for a campaign and pay only $375 for your trip. Apply here.
  • SUPER Fundraiser Discount:
    Raise $2,000 or more for a campaign and receive a free trip (not Including airfare). Apply here.
  • Chapter Founder Discount:
    If you are starting an SHH chapter at your school, pay only $350. Limit one per school. Apply here. 
Remember: Discounts cannot be transferred to another individual nor can multiple discounts be used for the same trip. 
Please email discounts@shhkids.org if you have any questions. 

Start raising money for your trip right away by sharing your personal fundraising page to the world

As soon as you register for a trip, you’ll get your own personal fundraising page in your email. You’ll share the link to family and friends via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

You’ll be surprised by how much money you can raise in just a few days. Many volunteers fund their entire trip from their personal fundraising pages.

  • When going to college, I wanted the opportunity to make a difference in the world. However, international service trips offered by my university were totally out of my budget. Then I found SHH. Through the organization, I was able to fundraise for my trip and paid nearly nothing out of pocket on my first trip to Honduras.”
    Zach Hood Zach Hood Wake Forest College

What about Safety & Security?

Your safety is our #1 priority.


  • Most of the crime in Honduras happens in specific neighborhoods in Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, and La Ceiba where we do not take our volunteers.
  • Our worksites are located in small villages outside of the major cities.
  • Tourists and volunteers are rarely targeted in Honduras, especially when traveling in groups.
  • Most of the crime in Honduras is directed towards those involved in the drug trade or gangs.
  • Crime in Honduras – and in just about any country – is localized in certain geographic regions.


  • 24/7 Team leader
  • Approved work sites only
  • Internet and international phone access
  • Approved hotels & hostels only
  • Medical clinics within a 10-minute drive

  • 24/7 group volunteering – you’ll never be alone
  • Chartered vehicles only and trained drivers
  • Security briefing upon arrival
  • 24/7 Private security
  • 24/7 access to purified drinking water

Where will I stay?

Socialize late into the night, enjoy meals with new friends &
relax on a hammock in your comfortable lodge.

The Villa Soleada Guest House

Our volunteers will be staying in the Villa Soleada Guest House, a small, gated facility in the quiet village of Villa Soleada. The Villa Guest House has 32 beds, 10 bathrooms, 12 showers (two of them use rainwater), a large common room where volunteers eat and hang out together, board games, snack bar, private security, WiFi internet, 24/7 staff member, purified water, and more.

Helping the local economy

The Guest House provides valuable employment and job training opportunities for many mothers from the village, who would otherwise be unemployed. The income allows these mothers to send their kids to school, buy food for the family, and buy medicine during times of illness.

Where is it located?

The Guest House is located in the village of Villa Soleada, right next to our children’s home. Villa Soleada is 50 minutes away from the beautiful Caribbean beaches of Tela, and 40 minutes away from the airport. Hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, restaurants, and supermarkets are located less than 15 minutes away in downtown El Progreso.

The Honduran cuisine

Our friendly staff members prepare delicious, local cuisine like Honduran enchiladas, fresh guacamole with lime, homemade chicken fajitas, and numerous vegetarian dishes. We can accommodate all diets including those who are vegan, gluten free or have religious restrictions.

Other hotels

If more than one group is visiting us during a given week, some of the groups will stay in one of the family-run hotels in the city of El Progreso. We only work with hotels that have a good track record, all basic amenities, and WiFi internet.

Sample Itinerary

Work hard building a school all day, enjoy a game of barefoot soccer in the rain, and dance salsa late into the night…

Day 1: Arrival in Honduras

Our friendly staff members will be waiting for you at the airport and drive you to El Progreso. You will spend the evening at your hotel with your fellow volunteers and relax. Dinner and orientation will be at the hotel.

Day 2: Project Visits

Visit our various projects in El Progreso to meet the families and children. For lunch, learn to make a typical Honduran meal with a local family. Depending on the weather, we may play a fun game of soccer in the afternoon against a local team. There will be a group activity in the evening.

Day 3-6: At the Worksite

After breakfast in the hotel at 8am, work from 9am to 5pm at your worksite. You will work side by side with fellow volunteers, professional masons and family members from the community. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to practice your Spanish & spend time with the kids. Lunch is served at the worksite. There is usually an optional barefoot soccer game in late afternoon. After dinner in the hotel, your trip leaders will guide you through our global development programming, reflection and cultural activities.

Day 7: Field trip to Caribbean beaches of Tela

Relax on the Caribbean beaches of Tela, just 50 minutes away from El Progreso. Some of the families and children will accompany us on the trip. There will be a goodbye party in the evening.

Day 8: Airport

Time to go home. Our staff members will be taking multiple trips to the airport.

    Who else will I be working with?

    By the end of the week, we are family. 

    Group Volunteering

    Eat, Live and Work with 15-50 fellow volunteers from all over the world during your eight days in Honduras. Sometimes, we have multiple groups working in multiple villages during the same week, up to 350 volunteers could be on a trip at the same time.

    Where are our volunteers from?

    Most of our volunteers are from the US, but others have traveled from Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Belgium, Germany, Singapore, France, Ethiopia, China, Spain, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Bangladesh, Colombia, Venezuela, and other countries.

    What is the age range of volunteers?

    The  average age of our volunteers ranges from 18 to 25 years, but high school students, professionals, and families join us as well throughout the year. We welcome volunteers of all ages and backgrounds!

    • “At the end of the week we had the walls up of three beautiful classrooms. It was by far the greatest thing I had ever been a part of, and within 48 hours of arriving home, I booked my flight for a spring break service trip to build yet another school.”
      Colette EustaceColette EustaceStony Brook University

    Your Downtime Activities

    Impress your friends back at home with your newly learned salsa skills

    After a long day of hard work, you’ll spend time in the community and go through a crash course on Service Learning.

    This is not a vacation – we are here to start a movement!

    • “With everything organized for me, I could focus on why I was there in the first place to meet some awesome, inspiring kids and help give them the opportunity to excel in school and beyond!"
      Vanessa CedarbaumVanessa CedarbaumUniversity of Rochester

    Our Trip Leaders

    Your trip leader will guide you along and keep you pumped

    Highlighting a few of our trip leaders

    emerson-ayestasEmerson Ayestas

    Emerson is a Honduran-American motorcycle lover who lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He has been to Honduras multiple times since his childhood and hopes to get more time off from work so he can lead multiple trips each coming year. He graduated from the University of Mary Washington.

    emmaEmma Merrill

    Emma volunteered with SHH every year while studying at the College of William & Mary. She is now a 4th grade teacher with Teach for America in New Orleans. Emma is bilingual and is notorious for here deep and engaging reflections!

    Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 2.20.22 PMJulia Solari

    Julia is an alumni from Virginia Tech. She is an avid traveler and a white water rafting instructor. Her unless energy and funky dance moves make her a volunteer favorite.  She will be heading to Nicaragua next year to join the Peace Corps!

    zachZach Hood

    Zach graduated from Wake Forest University and is a talented ukulele player. He is a free-lance photographer and loves the TV show Breaking Bad. Since 2011, he has been a part of nearly ten service trips to Honduras. The bonfires with the children are always more memorable if Zach is there to play his ukulele.

    Hey there!

    My name is Shin Fujiyama. I am the founder of SHH. I live in Honduras, like to play soccer, and visit my parents back in Virginia once a year.

    At some point in our lives, we have a year that changes everything. For me, it was the year 2004. That year – as a broke college student – I had gathered up the courage to sign up for something that I had always wanted to do.

    Like everyone else, the anticipation of traveling abroad made me nervous. And I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to pay for everything either. But I wrote some letters and raised the money. It was time to start packing for my first volunteer trip abroad!

    The destination happened to be Honduras. And that experience changed everything.

    If someone would have told me that year that I’d have started a nonprofit organization with thousands of volunteers by the time I would graduate from college, I wouldn’t have believed them.

    I never thought I’d be running a home with 21 amazing and hilarious kids. I never dreamed I’d be a CNN Hero and get interviewed by Larry King. I never imagined I’d be building schools across northern Honduras as a full-time job.

    My friends from my dorm were the first ones to join me in Honduras. In a few years, over 4,000 young people from all over the world had joined us.

    You’re probably just as nervous and excited as I was before my first trip to Honduras. But you have nothing to worry about. Our team and I do our best to show you that short term volunteers can make a tremendous impact, and have the experience of a lifetime.

    Waiting for your arrival,

    Shin Fujiyama
    Founder & 2009 CNN Hero

    Trip Dates 2018



    *If you would like to organize a trip outside of the scheduled dates for a group of ten or more volunteers, contact us at trips@shhkids.org.

    • “I never thought that I could have a tangible impact on the lives of others. Seeing those finished buildings lets me know that volunteers have been able to impact Honduras is ways we'll never fully understand.”
      Haley ClineHaley ClineJames Madison University

    Post Registration Information

    Stay Healthy

    Please visit the CDC’s Page on Traveling to Honduras and learn about the vaccinations and precautions you can take to stay healthy during your trip.  SHH does not require proof of vaccinations. Your choice to vaccinate or take precautionary medications will be up to you and your family. However, you will be on a work site so we do recommend you are up to date on your tetanus shot!

      SHH is not liable for any health issues during or after your trip.   At this time the CDC states that Malaria is not present in San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa. (You will be about 1 hr from San Pedro Sula)  Keep in mind Malaria medications tend to have very serious side effects and are not usually recommended for a very short, 8 day trip.  All medications are taken at your own risk.  Questions?  E-mail Trips@SHHkids.org

    Get Health Insurance

    The Department of State strongly urges Americans to consult with their medical insurance company prior to traveling abroad to confirm whether their policy applies overseas – which is the case only rarely.
    Uninsured travelers who require medical care overseas often face difficulties. For example, many foreign hospitals require payment in cash prior to providing service.
    It is also good to be covered for travel mishaps such as lost luggage, or an emergency trip back home. You must purchase an affordable, short-term traveler’s insurance card from Volunteer Card  if you are not already covered. The most affordable plan is only $29.

    SHH is not responsible to help pay for any medical expenses. Please make sure you have an emergency form of payment like a credit card for such expenses.






    Worksite Attire - Video

    Pay your remaining balance

    Now that you’ve registered, you have until exactly two weeks before your trip to pay your remaining balance. Your remaining balance is payable online by logging into your emailed fundraising account and page. If you wish to pay by check, please contact us.

    Book your flight

    Purchase a flight to Honduras on the EXACT DATES of your trip. If you come early or leave late, you are responsible for your own safety, transportation and accommodations. We recommend arriving before 3:00pm if possible on the first day of the trip in order to relax for your action-packed week. Check out the section below for more information on our airport pickup policy.

    Fill out the Flight Information Form

    Give us your flight information by filling out the Flight Information FormThis is very, very important!

    The deadline to submit your flight form is 14 Days before the start date of your trip. After the deadline, a $50 late fee will be issued. This is to ensure the safety of volunteers and guarantee SHH staff will pick volunteers up from the airport.

    SHH provides free transportation on the day of arrival and departure from the hours of 10am and 7pm.  You can still arrive outside those times for a $25 transportation fee.  To save on flight costs, you are also welcome to arrive a day before the trip or stay a day after for an additional $50 fee.  Questions? Please E-mail Trips@shhkids.org.

    Check your passport

    Make sure your passport does not expire for at least 6 more months. If it does, you will need to renew it in order to enter Honduras. If you are a US citizen, you do not need a visa.

    Get your immunization shots

    Visit your doctor and get the recommended immunizations. Make sure to check out our health section above.

    Make passport copies

    Make at least 3 copies of your passport. Give one to your emergency contact, and carry one with you at all times while in Honduras.

    Get traveler’s insurance

    Get traveler’s insurance if your insurance doesn’t cover you while on your trip. We highly recommend the Volunteer Card for travel insurance. This card provides emergency medical insurance, baggage delay emergency evacuation and more.

    Register with the Department of State

    Enter information about your upcoming trip in the Department of State website so that they can contact you in the case of an emergency. The address of where you will be staying is:

    Villa Soleada
    38 KM, Road to Tela
    El Progreso, Yoro, Honduras

    Call your credit card company

    Call your credit card company and inform them that you’ll be leaving the country. They may freeze your account if you try to use your card in Honduras.

    Write down emergency contacts

    Give your parents/relatives/emergency contacts our direct phone number in case they need to reach us: 011-504-9637-3088 and (631) 505-3744. If you get our answering machine, always leave a message as our staff will receive an alert if you do.

    Collect donations

    If you’re willing to pay the “second bag fee,” fill a suitcase full of donations. Click here for a list of “high-need” items.

    Get packed up

    Use our packing list to get your suitcase ready! Remember to pack light, but also to be prepared. 5 words: bug spray and sun screen!

    • PASSPORT and photocopies! Triple check to make sure you have it, and that it is valid for AT LEAST 6 months after the date you are to return to the US.
    • We encourage bringing crisp,new cash in small bills and only to use an ATM card in an emergency. ATMs are notorious for information theft.
    • Sunblock (you may need two bottles of sunscreen and remember that the sun is stronger here so the more spf the better)
    • Bug spray (Deep Woods DEET)
    • Work gloves
    • Backpack or something to carry items daily
    • Needed medication
    • Towel


    • Toiletries (Shampoos, soaps, lotions, razors, deodorants, toothbrush, toothpaste, contacts, glasses, etc)
    • Water bottle/Nalgene
    • After-burn aloe
    • Camera
    • Journal and something to write with
    • English/Spanish dictionary
    • Snacks that you might want to bring
    • First aid kit – (Pepto/Immodium, Tylenol and other pain killers, Benadryl, Cortizone/anti-itch cream, Neosporin, Dayquil, Nyquil)
    • Rain gear
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Wet wipes
    • Watch
    • Small lock for lockers
    • 6 days worth of work clothes to get dirty in! There is laundry at the hotel, so pack light.
    • Old sneakers and/or work boots
    • Bathing suit
    • Flip flops for showers and walking
    • Hat
    • Sunglasses
    • Sweatshirt/light jacket for cool nights
    • Semi-dressy outfit for a night out in town
    • Lightweight pants/shorts
    • T-shirts (exposure to the sun is actually the biggest problem so consider light materials that cover you up)
    • Socks and underwear
    • Soccer cleats if you would like to play


    If you have extra space in your suitcase, consider bringing elementary level books, school supplies and used soccer equipment for the children we work with.

    Click here to see a complete list of items that are specifically requested.



    Airport Pickup Policy

    Book your flight

    Book your own flight with a travel agent or through popular websites such as KayakStudentUniverseOrbitzTravelocityExpedia and CheapFlights. Make sure your final destination in Honduras is San Pedro Sula (airport code SAP). To maximize your time in Honduras, try arriving early on the first day and leaving later for your departure flight. You should arrive on the first day of the trip date and leave on the last day of the trip date. Due to the complicated logistics of hosting volunteers outside of our trip dates we are unable to host anyone before or after the trip. If you decide to book your flights arriving before or after the trip dates you are 100% responsible for your own safety, accommodations and transportation. If you have no other option but to arrive early, you can email us at Trips@SHHkids.org to organize a meet-up location on the trip start date.

    Fill out your flight information sheet

    After you purchase your ticket, give us your flight information here: Flight Information Form

    The deadline to submit your flight form is 14 Days before the start date of your trip. After the deadline, a $50 late fee will be issued. This is to ensure the safety of volunteers and guarantee SHH staff will pick volunteers up from the airport.

    If for unavoidable reasons you must arrive before or after the set trip dates, there is a fee of $50/ day to cover accommodations. Questions? Please E-mail info@studentshelpinghonduras.org.

    Keep us updated

    If for some reason a change occurs DURING your trip (i.e., you miss a connection), please call us at 011-504-9637-3088 and email us at trips@SHHkids.org to inform us of these changes.

    Navigate the airport in San Pedro Sula

    After you arrive, you will go through immigration, baggage claim and customs. This process is sometimes lengthy but the airport is tiny and easy to navigate. When you leave customs with all of your bags, SHH staff members will be waiting for you with a big sign. Once everyone on your bus shift arrives, you will go to the hotel to relax. If some of your bags do not arrive, your airline company will give you a slip. Our staff members can pick up your lost baggage later in the week.

    Cancellation Policy

    We understand that plans change, things come up, emergencies happen, so we try to be as flexible with our volunteers as possible. However, we also put a lot of time and resources into planning for your trip, so when you cancel last minute it is often times at a cost to us. Therefore we have the following policies regarding cancellations that we believe are the most fair for our volunteers and the organization’s budget.

    How to cancel your trip

    Apply for a refund here and please be sure to include your registration information, including your fundraising page, billing address and transaction IDs.  Once we’ve received your request, we’ll process your refund (if you qualify for one) and send you a confirmation within couple of days.

    If you cancel before putting down deposit

    We do not consider you registered if you haven’t put down your deposit. Therefore if you select Pay Later when you register and do not put down your $150 deposit then you can cancel at anytime. Remember that to get early registration discounted rate you have to put down your deposit to qualify.

    If you cancel after putting down deposit

    If you cancel after putting down your deposit (more than a month before the trip, see below) we are unable to refund the $150 but it can be transferred to a future trip. You must re-register before the early registration deadline in order to get the discounted rate.  Putting down your deposit on an earlier trip doesn’t qualify you for the discounted rate without the registration.

    If you cancel less than 1 month before the start of the trip

    Unfortunately if you cancel less than 1 month before your trip you will not be able to use your deposit for a future trip*. Once you put down your deposit we expect that you are coming on the trip and therefore we dedicate resources towards preparing for your arrival. We will have to use that deposit to recoup the expenses made in preparing your spot. If you register for another trip then you will have to put down another deposit.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We try to answer as many of your questions as posible. If for some reason, you’re unable to find the specific question, please feel free to email us at Trips@SHHkids.org or call us at 631-505-3744.  We’ll be more than happy to assist you!

    Questions about our website

    Q: How do I create a user account with SHH?

    If you are ready to register for a trip you can go to www.shhkids.org/trips and register for your trip. A few minutes after registering you will be sent an email with your username and password.

    Q: Can donations made on Fundraising Campaigns go towards my volunteering trips?

    No.  we strictly use our campaign funds towards our projects.  Any donations made towards your fundraising page or a project campaign are NOT transferable towards your trip.  However, upon registering for a trip, you’ll be provided with an option to create a fundraising page for your trip as well.  Feel free to share your trip Fundraising page with your friends and family and raise funds for your trip.


    Questions about our organization

    Q: What is the policy on cancellations?

    Please see our Cancellation Policy section above.

    Q: Is my trip tax-deductible?

    Yes. The IRS states that you can claim a charitable contribution deduction for travel expenses necessarily incurred while you are away from home. Since the trip fees cover necessary lodging, meals and construction site expenses you can deduct the full amount you paid towards the trip. Also, 100% of your airfare is tax-deductible! We recommend consulting your accountant or tax advisor before filing but this IRS document may help for those that file by themselves. Click Here.

    Questions about traveling to Honduras

    Q: Can I arrive before or depart after the trip dates online?

    Please purchase a flight to Honduras on the EXACT DATES of your trip. If you come early or leave late, you are responsible for your own safety, transportation and accommodations.  SHH charges a $50 fee per day for hosting volunteers for extra dates.

    Q: Will the internet or international phone calls be available?

    Yes. You will have internet access at the hotel, but it will not be all the time.  You can also make international phone calls from any Honduran cell phone with a local phone card for a few dollars. Getting an account on Skype is a good idea. Prepare to disconnect!

    Q: What if someone from my home country needs to get a hold of me while I’m in Honduras?

    Each group will have a leader with a cell phone. You can send that number to friends and family once you arrive. Before your arrival or on the day of, anyone can call us at +504 9637 3088 if they have an emergency.

    Q: Where will we be staying overnight?

    The majority of our volunteers stay in the Volunteer Lodge in Villa Soleada. The lodge has 24/7 security as well as all the necessary amenities including wireless internet and a laptop to share. On larger trips part of the group may stay at a hotel in El Progreso, such as Hotel La Cascada, a secure and gated hotel comprised of numerous air-conditioned cabanas. No matter where you stay laundry service is available.

    Q: Where can we get water while down in Honduras?

    SHH will provide purified water 24 hours/day during the trip. If you want to buy your own water, you can purchase purified water for about two Lempiras (ten cents). Please bring a water bottle to Honduras.

    Q: Should we bring food on the trip?

    If you have certain dietary needs, feel free to bring food on the trip. However, there is a large supermarket in town where you can buy anything from exotic fruits to Captain Crunch Cereal. Most people bring energy bars or other snacks and carry them in their backpacks.

    Q: How will we be traveling during the trip?

    SHH has its own bus and works with a professional bus driver who is available 24 hours during the trip.

    Q: What would I be spending any extra cash on?

    You may spend money on snacks, drinks and souvenirs during your trip. Most souvenirs, such as wood carvings, paintings, and handbags might cost around five dollars. Bring small denominations of crisp cash.

    Q: Is it safe to bring equipment such as laptops, digital cameras, and iPods?

    Many volunteers bring electronics with them to Honduras. If you leave your gadgets in your hotel room, you shouldn’t have any problems. You will have access to a computer and WiFi at the hotel. We encourage you to leave as much as you can at home.

    Q: What is the dress code in Honduras?

    Most people in Honduras wear clothes similar to what people wear in the US. Hondurans almost always wear pants and rarely wear shorts. But don’t worry, Hondurans are quite used to seeing Americans in shorts, tank tops and flip flops. It’s a good idea to dress modestly while traveling.

    Q: Do we need to speak Spanish to go on a trip?

    Absolutely not! We provide translators 24 hours a day during the trip. There will be a good mix of non-Spanish speakers and fluent speakers in your group of volunteers.

    Q: Do we need a visa to travel to Honduras?

    For US citizens, a visa is not required. However, travelers’ passports must not expire for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Honduras. People from other countries may or may not need a visa to enter the country. Please check with the Honduran Embassy before departure. A good website to find out more on visas to Honduras is honduras.visahq.com.

    Q: What do I do if I get sick or injured?

    The first thing you should do if you get sick or injured is to tell a staff member. If necessary, a staff member can take you into town to purchase the needed medication or visit a local clinic. We also recommend taking a morning or afternoon off from the construction site if you are feeling particularly weak or dehydrated. For minor injuries, a first aid kit will be available for trip participants’ use at all times.

    Q: What happens if I lose my passport?

    Each participant is required to bring two photocopies of their passport to Honduras, one for him/her and one for the SHH staff. In the case that a passport is lost, you will be brought to the US Embassy in Tegucigalpa where they will ask for a copy of your passport and possibly a copy of your birth certificate (which would have to be mailed from the US). This could take up to a week, so be sure to avoid this situation by keeping your passport in a safe place in the hotel.

    Q: What should I do if people ask me for money or gifts?

    SHH prohibits participants from giving monetary gifts to the communities that we work with. This is because we do not want to create dependency or instigate conflict in the community due to preferential treatment of (or toward) and any one individual. If you choose to give a gift (for example, for a child’s birthday), we ask that you consult with an SHH staff member before doing so.

    Q: Am I allowed to bring a pet on the trip?

    No pets are allowed on SHH service trips. The only exception is guide-dogs or assisted-living pets.

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