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What is at the core of SHH?



Communities tell us what they need.

Volunteers are impactful & responsible.

100% of  donations support our programs.

The Mission of SHH is to alleviate extreme poverty and violence in Honduras through education and youth empowerment.

Honduras has the worst gang epidemic on the planet. Each year, thousands of children join gangs like MS-13 and Mara 18.

Honduras is also the 2nd poorest nation in the western hemisphere, where 66.2% of its people
live in poverty.

With access to a quality education and jobs the Honduran people can fight back.


Why we're different

We’re passionate about doing development differently.  We’ve spent ten years learning from other’s mistakes and our own – struggling with how actually be helpful to a community in need while staying humble and preserving dignity.

We do not invite international volunteers to “do” development.  We invite them to learn. We pull back the curtain on a global nonprofit for young people to see how difficult this work is – but how possible it is to do make an impact for those that need it most.

Why it matters

Volunteer Ethics

Although we have a large focus on our volunteers and their education, the real progress is lead by and initiated by the Honduran people.  Our goal is to act as a sidekick to those doing work in their own community.

A better choice

We offer our program as an alternative to trips abroad that perpetuate oppression or the idea that a western students can “change the world” in one week, just because they come from a more privileged part of the world.

We want our volunteers to leave with more questions than they arrived with – as well as a new interest in global development.


With education of course! The combination of pre-trip training, on trip reflections and lessons and post trip follow up allow us to have a long term conversation with our volunteers.  What does that even mean?

  • Before they arrive, volunteers are prepared with knowledge about the culture, the country and the conduct we expect from them.
  • On trip, trained leaders and staff take volunteers through intense discussions about Honduras, development and where they fit in the narrative as people wanting to help.
  • Post Trip Summit meetings in the U.S as well as a week long training for leaders, allows us to grow a movement of humble global citizens – who can be sidekicks to the real heroes in this story, our incredible community leaders.



100% of our on-the-ground staff members are Honduran

The Honduran natives have a deeper understanding of the local culture and context than any foreigner or international aid worker. By empowering the Hondurans to guide our organization, we’re able to provide invaluable leadership opportunities, offer professional training not available anywhere else, and ensure that we’re operating responsibly. Our Honduran staff members run our field programs, Honduran office, volunteer program, volunteer lodge, construction projects, help produce our videos, and are receiving training to answer phone calls and emails for the organization.


Creating jobs = self-reliance & dignity

We do not give handouts to the poor because it can create a culture of dependency. We provide jobs to approximately 15 full-time and 50 part-time Honduran employees. During the 15-20 weeks of the year that we have volunteer service trips, we hire mothers and fathers from the communities we work with to help us as cooking & cleaning staff, drivers, construction workers, and tour guides. By providing jobs to dozens of previously unemployed Hondurans, families can buy food, clothes, and medicine. We also support local businesses such as family-owned hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops, and food stands, thus providing a significant boost to a local economy with very little tourism.


Ensuring community buy-in & ownership

All of the communities that we work with provide sweat equity – their time & labor towards the project. Families from every village we work with volunteer in shifts and contribute a portion of the needed construction supplies. This helps us reduce costs of our projects by up to 40% and increases the likelihood of the project succeeding in the long-run. Through the act of sweat equity and volunteer work, the community begins to value the project more and develop a sense of ownership. Creating jobs instead of hand-outs, ensures self-reliance & dignity for individuals in the community.


Income generating ventures fund 100% of our operating costs

Many traditional non profit organizations rely heavily on big grants and large donors, making them vulnerable to sudden losses in funding. A nonprofit may unexpectedly vanish overnight if a grant is not renewed, leaving behind unfinished projects and empty promises. Our organization has a diverse donor base and income generating ventures that cover our entire operating cost.


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“Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has” -M. Mead


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