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Leadership Week


“Even after many trips to Honduras with SHH, Leadership Week was easily the most impactful on me.  Meeting like-minded, passionate people and learning more about global development has changed the course of my life and my career.”

– Julia Strak, The College of New Jersey

A chapter of SHH can easily be the most impactful

(and most popular) club on campus.


Leadership might be an over-used buzz word, but trust us, by learning a few key leadership skills and learning from past chapter successes.. you will be UNSTOPPABLE! No matter what the culture, administrative red tape or size of your university, there are universal tools for getting college kids on board to help build schools.

How do our chapters like, Virginia Tech, Towson and Univeristy of Mary Washington consistently raise TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars each year? How is UMD able to get so many students involved?
If you are a chapter president OR are taking the steps toward becoming a chapter, we are inviting you down to Honduras this summer so you can learn how.

More Perks:

  1. Did we mention IT’S FREE? (just pay for your airfare)
  2. Get a closer look at how SHH operates on the ground in Honduras
  3. Go through a crash course on International Development
  4. Be apart of a responsible program, with community at the center
  5. Meet dozens of other campus leaders from across the nation
  6. Interact with Alumni who have run the top chapters in the nation
  7. Get to know CNN Hero and Founder, Shin Fujiyama
  8. Live in Villa Soleada at the Villa Lodge and experience what life is like in a Honduran village.
  9. Gain Leadership skills that will help you in any career
  10. Experience the most intimate volunteer experience we have to offer



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