Estudiantes de Honduras: Meet Jose M., 6th Grader

Estudiantes de Honduras: Meet Jose M., 6th Grader at the Villa Soleada Bilingual School


Meet José M., 6th Grader at the Escuela Bilingüe Villa Soleada

José loves taking leadership roles in his classroom. José wants to serve and protect people by joining the military like his uncle. One of his favorite things about his school is learning and conversing with people in English. He enjoys playing soccer, taking care of his little sister, and getting to know all types of people. One of the people he loves the most is his mother. She works all week in the city and spends time with their family on the weekends. One of his favorite things to do is go to the mall and eat pizza with them.

Interview Notes:
When we sat down in front of the school to interview José, he seemed a little nervous which was unlike him. José is one of the most outgoing students and kids in Villa Soleada. During volunteer trips, he is usually seen talking with volunteers or playing soccer. It’s true that we get a little nervous when we’re put on the spotlight not knowing why. We told him that he wasn’t in trouble, but we wanted people to know the amazing students attending the school. We wanted to get to know José. He became relaxed and showed his true self. He began to talk about his family, favorite things to do, and about what he loves learning in school. It is absolutely clear that he loves pizza. After catching up with José, it gave us more perspective of how much he cares for his family. He makes sure that his little sister, Angie, is okay all the time. She is currently a 3rd grader at the school as well. He is thankful for everyone in his family and especially his mom.

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