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School Update: Floor Pouring Day at School #50


Leadership Week 2018 had been in full swing with 30 chapters leaders.

Workshops in the morning. Worksites in the afternoon. Evening activities at night.

It was a jam-packed filled week (frequent) breakout karaoke sessions in the bus.


The end of Leadership Week tradition is to pour the floors for a special school project. This year was, Escuela Dilicia Fernandez. Also, School #50.

The team woke up at sunrise to be on the road early. We hear that in order to cut down time that flying pancakes were involved in the bus. We successfully poured the floors before lunch time thanks to the collective effort of community members, families, construction team, and leaders.


We’re always glad to see familiar faces. These two boys, Yeimer and Emiliano, immediately recognized one of our staff members after meeting for the first time in April. Yeimer was eating chips when Emiliano was bugging his friend to take a picture. You can see little crumbs on his face. They both got the courage and asked to take a picture.

They asked for another photo, and they had a great idea of taking it in front of their soon-to-be new classrooms.



They also introduced us to their buddies and classmates.


We finished the long day a little sore and exhausted, but it was all worth it because of this…



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