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Villa Soleada Bilingual School

Villa Soleada Bilingual School


  The mission of VSBS is to provide an education that leads to lifelong employment and achievement.

The Villa Soleada Bilingual School is an ambitious pilot project that is serving Villa Soleada and nearly 10 surrounding villages. Inaugurated in 2012, its mission is to provide the poorest children in El Progreso with the quality of education to which normally only children from the wealthiest families would have access.

The VSBS curriculum emphasizes English, technology, and critical thinking. The school has extended hours and an extended school year to maximize the time our students spend in class.


Families of students pay a small monthly tuition ($10 – $20) based on a sliding scale to send their kids to VSBS. This ensures community buy-in, helps with the operational costs of the school and allows us to subsidize costs for the neediest families.

We provide full scholarships to children who come from families that cannot even pay the minimum amount. In exchange, their parents volunteer their time at the school.

Classes are taught by qualified teachers from the U.S, who create an immersive experience in English.



We hope to expand the school by one grade each year and become a fully equipped K-9 school for up to 250 students by 2019. We hope to reach financial self-sufficiency by 2019.

Financial Sustainability: 100%
Being sustainable means we won’t have to rely on donations to send students to school for free.

Mastery in the classroom: 80%
Our students follow the common core curriculum and are held to high standards.

Bilingual Literacy : 100%
Bilingual literacy in Honduras can almost guarantee lifelong employment.



VSBS was built in a village where the majority of adults never completed primary school, and none completed high school.  They wanted their kids to receive the best education possible. Parents continue to play a vital role in the success of VSBS. 

Why Bilingual?

Why Bilingual?

In Honduras, being bilingual can increase income potential by over 200%. In addition to our qualified U.S teaching staff, students have resources to hundreds of books, the largest library in the region and a computer lab.



Our students are showing incredible progress! Last year, many of our students jumped nearly 2 grade levels in reading.  Testing our students and evaluating our teachers helps us to maintain the highest quality of education possible for our students.

See What’s Happening at VSBS


60% Completion

We are currently enrolling K-5th grade, adding a grade and school resources each year.

150 Students from over 10 Villages

Families regard a bilingual education as a way to stay safe from gangs and end the cycle of poverty. 

Volunteer Built and Maintained

All of the initial funding and classroom buildings were funded by SHH Volunteers. They continue to “adopt” classrooms each year and donate hundreds of books, supplies and soccer equipment for the VSBS Tigers. 

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