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Villa Soleada Scholarship Program 2017

Villa Soleada Scholarship Program 2017

Villa Soleada Scholarship Program 2017

When the village of Villa Soleada was first built in Honduras, we witnessed wide spread illiteracy and a zero percent graduation rate.  Not one person from the community had graduated from high school.

For the past ten years, numerous street gangs have tried to recruit the teenagers in our community, but thanks to supporters like you, thirty eight teenagers have been fighting back by attending school through our scholarship program.

This year ten of them graduated from middle schools, high schools and vocational schools throughout the city of El Progresso.  The path to education is difficult to follow in Honduras as many kids have to work from an early age.

With your support, we are reversing what was once zero percent into a near one hundred percent graduation rate within one generation.  With several students that are now college bound, Villa Soleada may soon become the village with the highest educational level per capita in the entire country.

Congratulations again to all the students and thank you for your unconditional support.


Our goal is to raise the graduation rate in Villa Soleada, Honduras from 0-100% Meet some of the graduates from SHH’s Scholarship program and donate to help us reach our goal of $16,000 to help 38 teenagers like Luis from Villa Soleada stay in school this year.

Students Helping Honduras is one of the best volunteer abroad programs changing the country of Honduras with their mission of 1000 schools.

All general donations through the end of the year will go directly to this program!  SHHKids.org/donate

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